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Our Products

We provide technology and services to help IT Service Providers

deliver quality profitable reliable SAM and ITAM solutions.

The Itillion SAM Portal is specifically designed to allow Service Suppliers to add Premier Class Software Asset Management to their services portfolio with minimum upfront investment and low ongoing costs.

Our SAM Project Management Frameworks are ideal for you to review your clients SAM processes. Use the visual process guides to plan, implement, document and manage your clients’ SAM project following ITIL Best practice and to ISO/IEC 19770 standards.

Our Services

SAM Process Design SAM Frameworks Ensure all your clients SAM projects follow best practice with consistent documentation
Software Recognition i SAM Portal Our Software Recognition and Categorisation engine can identify all of your installed software.
Inventory Consolidation i SAM Portal The Inventory Connector automates scheduled collection of Discovery Tool and Manual Inventories.
White Label i SAM Portal We can customise the Portal with your company name, logo and colour schemes.

The New Way to success. advance. progress.

Itillion have been developing and supplying Software Asset Management solutions for over 20 years. We know from experience that alone, even the best SAM tools cannot deliver successful SAM outcomes. Which is why we developed the visual project management frameworks. They help organisations put in place effective polices and processes for SAM and educate management in the resources needed for success.

With hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructure complexity rising and software license model diversity increasing, it is more essential than ever to have license experts who can manually interpret the data and correctly assess the compliance position.

Which is why we believe that now is the time for organisations to engage Service Providers who can provide the licensing skills that are essential to successful SAM projects. Our SAM and IT Asset Management Portals have been developed specifically for Service Providers to deliver premier class SAM and IT Asset Management projects to their clients.

Itillion work closely with our partners to ensure our products and services meet their specific business objectives.

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About Itillion

Itillion develop technolgy and services to help IT Service Providers and outsourcers deliver ITAM services to their clients.

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